Volleyball Progression

Club Volleyball

We are honored that more and more players and parents want to join our family. Coaching and training are the essential ingredients to a successful & fun club experience. Rogue offers some of the most proven, experienced coaches in South Carolina, and prides itself on providing the latest in training techniques and methods both in volleyball skills and tactics

Our training system, which includes dynamic philosophies, tactics and techniques, produces high-end competitive teams.


  • Training is the hallmark of the Rogue experience. Players and parents choose clubs for different reasons. Ultimately, we believe that Rogue helps players become the very best they can be. "Having potential" is one thing, but helping athletes REALIZE that potential is our goal, in volleyball and in life.

    The mindfulness, focus, hard work and reflection that helps players become their best on the court, also prove to help student-athletes off the court. Watching the growth that happens in real time makes Rogue rewarding for players, parents and our coaches.

    Rogue was built on a "training first" philosophy. Our promise to all players and parents is that they will get our very best, and that is some of the most researched, successful, and sought-after techniques and tactics in the country.

    A lot of players come to Rogue for the unparalleled college exposure and preparation. However, we also know that 13 and 14 year olds aren't necessarily thinking about college. While certainly true, the training that has helped over 30 Rogue athletes commit to D1 colleges since 2019, is the same training that serves as the foundation for our 12-14 year old teams. Colleges seek out Rogue players because of how they've been trained and prepared. We want to build those habits at 12 and 13, instead of breaking other habits at 17. Those younger athletes benefit the most from our training, and are the foundation for success as they progress through the club. Again, helping players be the best they can possibly be is our goal, and our skill development progression focuses on those critical early ages.


  • All clubs talk about their "family environment," and they are almost always right. Sports in general promote camaraderie, friendship, and social interaction between players and parents that is difficult to replicate. However, even within that context, Rogue is different. Every player on every Rogue team knows every other player in our club. Each 18s parent can name the entire 14s roster, and every 15s player knows each 17s parent. Through our training methods that combine master coaching with club-wide consistency in skill development, parents see every player in the club and follow their growth daily. You will regularly see families from all different teams together at tournaments, staying after their waves to watch teams in the other waves, and players becoming close friends. This is truly unique to Rogue.

    Support and friendships within a team is fantastic. And common. But the support and friendships players have across all teams in the entire club is rare, and we are proud of the fact that your child will be a part of a true "Rogue family."


  • Our tournament schedule is a reflection of our place in the market as a provider of the most competitive and high-level experience possible. We are the only club in South Carolina whose top teams play in the Open division at all national tournaments. While significantly more difficult, we are willing to sacrifice a tournament medal to play against the best teams and clubs in the country (though we've certainly won our share of national medals, too). That is the vision of our club. We aim to maximize exposure, experiences, challenges AND accomplishment by giving players the opportunity to test their abilities against the nation's best. We know this isn't easy. But we also know that it helps their growth skyrocket, and we see their potential reached faster.


  • We are so incredibly proud of all of our athletes. Some have gone on to make win NCAA National Championships or make deep runs in the NCAA Tournament, some go on to fulfill their dreams of playing in college, and some move on to life after the sport of volleyball. "Accomplishment" is defined in an infinite number of ways, and every single Rogue athlete has accomplished so much.

    As it relates to recruiting, specifically, we are excited to have committed over 30 athletes to Division 1 colleges since 2019. I addition, we have several amazing alums experiencing success at the D2 level, including playing in the NCAA D2 National Championship. We are the only club in South Carolina history to commit players to all five Power 5 conferences, as well has have a player win the NCAA D1 National Championship (we've had TWO accomplish this). Several have won conference championships, won Conference Player of the Week honors, and several more have made deep NCAA Tournament runs.

    You can see a list of commits and alumni here, but the one thing that ALL of our college athletes have in common is their understanding that the recruiting process happens in practice. Working hard, and receiving proper training is what makes them "ready for the spotlight" when colleges see them at tournaments. We work with players individually to help them along their recruiting journey, but the real work happens in practice.